Fthia 1,5MW Farsala

A power plant which produces and exploits biogas for the cogeneration of electric and thermal power (1.500 kWel). It is located near Farsala in the Municipality of Larisa. The project is under construction.


image System name: Fthia 1,5MW Farsala
image Operator: "FTHIA ENERGY S.A."
image Energy company: ΗΕDΝΟ
imageLocation: Farsala of Larisa
image Commissioned: 2017-2018
imageCompletion time: -


Technical data

Nominal power:

1.500 kWel

Raw material:

cattle & veal manure, maize silage, whey, olive waste, pig sludge, rendering, grapes pomace, ginning process waste, cereal straw

Complex CHP:


Technical availability:

> 97%


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