KIEFER TEK Ltd. provides comprehensive monitoring and maintenance programs for electricity generation stations aiming to maximize their performance.


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Its strategy involves both the prevention of potential future errors and the swift and immediate restoration of any emerging issues. With its extensive experience and well-trained staff, the company is capable of addressing any challenges that arise during the operation of the stations. Our company's services cover the entire station, including maintenance tasks for Medium Voltage substations.

Specifically, KIEFER offers operation and maintenance services for PV (Photovoltaic) Stations. Through continuous monitoring of the PV Station's operation via telemetry systems, preventive maintenance, and immediate response in case of any damage, it manages to ensure the investor achieves maximum possible performance.


Our company operates a control center and mobile teams that perform scheduled maintenance and necessary repairs in case of faults. The O&M (Operations & Maintenance) team at KIEFER consists of highly educated engineers specialized in PV installations. All safety measures are taken during the execution of tasks. The operations and maintenance log of the PV Station documents all activities conducted as part of preventive maintenance and repairs, providing detailed descriptions of incidents and restoration actions. Additionally, the causes of any issues are assessed, and actions are proposed to prevent their recurrence. All work is carried out in accordance with national and European legislation as well as national and international standards.

Briefly, the services provided by kIEFER are as follows:

Preventive Maintenance of the Station equipment (all necessary tasks for the proper operation of the Station and maintenance of installed equipment warranties).

Remote Monitoring of the Station's operation through a telemetry system.
Corrective Maintenance to restore any faults or malfunctions of the Station equipment, diagnosed either by kIEFER or by the Station's owner.
Reports concerning the Station's operation and incident handling.
These services are offered according to the following types of Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Contracts:

Basic: Includes Preventive Maintenance, Remote Monitoring, and Reports. Fault Restoration Services are provided by KIEFER at an additional cost.
Advance: Includes Preventive Maintenance, Remote Monitoring, and Fault Restoration Services with pre-agreed intervention hours, and reports. Faults beyond the pre-agreed hours are provided by KIEFER at an additional cost.
Premium: Includes Preventive Maintenance, Remote Monitoring, Fault Restoration, Warranty Management, and Reports. Fault restoration services arising from unforeseen events are provided by KIEFER at an additional cost.