Sohos 844 kW

A power plant which produces and exploits biogas for the cogeneration of electric and thermal power (844 kWe). It is located 6,5 km out of Sohos close to Nigrita, in Lagadas in the Municipality of Thessaloniki. The plant was set into operation on February 2017. 


image System name: Biogas Sohos
image Operator: Biogas Sohos
image Energy company: HEDNO
image Location: Sohos, Municipality of Thessaloniki
image Commissioned: 2016
image Completion time: 7 months


Technical data

Nominal power:

844 kWe

Raw material:

Manure from dairy plants,

maize silage

Complex CHP:

2G Building – ICE Jenbacher

Technical availability:

> 97%

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