Biogas research & development

Kiefer, through its specialized staff and its fully equipped laboratory, has managed to create a situation that until now was classified in the imported know-how and support of biogas plants. Prioritizing the needs of adaptation to the conditions of each region, the requirements and the availability of raw materials, designs, builds and operates biogas plants.

Through the biological monitoring parameters of a biogas plant, the indicators of good operation and the ability to determine the true methanogenic performance of a substrate, it is considered that the cycle of laboratory analyzes that can be performed and their evaluation according to the data and requirements that arise each time , cover a wide range in the successful start-up, proper monitoring and operation of a unit. Through BMP tests and the determination of the total and volatile solids of a substrate, a raw material is selected or not and the design of the digests is covered in terms of performance. Regular sampling and analysis of pH, conductivity, alkalinity, total and volatile solids concentration, FOS / TAC ratio but also comparative analysis of all the above, cover a series of measurements which in combination with their correct interpretation, close a monitoring cycle of satisfactory anaerobic digestion.

Each manufactured or under construction biogas plant, due to the uniqueness of the operating process, is treated each time separately. Knowing the diversity of Greek conditions and through laboratory tests performed, Kiefer has the ability to design, start and monitor the operation of a digester based on optimal performance and at the same time maintaining the stability of anaerobic digestion.