kIEFER TEK LTD provides integrated programs οf monitoring and maintenance of power plants in order to maximize their yield.


Our strategy is both the prevention of any possible error that could occur in the future, and the quick and immediate restoration of the emerging problems. Our long experience and our well-trained personnel, make us capable to cope with any challenge that may occur during the operation of the plants. The services offered by our company cover the entire station, including the maintenance services of MV substations.

Specifically, kIEFER offers operation and maintenance services for PV stations. With the constant monitoring of the PV Station’s operation via the telemetry system, the preventive maintenance, as well as the immediate response in case of damage, our company manages to ensure a maximum return for the investor.

Our company has a control center and mobile teams that perform scheduled maintenance and repair in case of damage. The team O&M of kIEFER consists of engineers of technical and higher education, specialized in PV installations. During the tasks we take all the security measures. The operation and maintenance calendar of the PV Station includes records of all the works performed in the context of preventive maintenance and repairs, as well as detailed descriptions of events and remedial actions. Furthermore, we estimate the causes of the problems and we suggest actions in order to prevent their repetition. The works are performed in accordance with the national and european legislation and the national and international standards.


In summary, the services provided by kIEFER are the following:


  • Preventive Maintenance of the station’s equipment (all the necessary works for the proper operation of the station and the maintenance of the installed equipment guarantees).
  • Remote Monitoring of the station’s operation via a Telemetry System.
  • Repairing Maintenance for the restoration of any damage or malfunctioning of the station’s equipment, which can be diagnosed either by kIEFER or by the owner of the station.
  • Reports concerning the operation of the Station and the handling of incidents.


The services listed above are offered according to the following types of maintenance contracts (O & M Contract types):


  • Basic, which includes Preventive Maintenance, Remote Monitoring and Reports. Damage Restoration Services are provided by Kiefer at an additional cost.


  • Advance, which includes Preventive Maintenance, Remote Monitoring, Damage Restoration Services with pre-agreed intervention hours and Reports. Damage beyond the pre-agreed hours are provided by kIEFER at an additional cost.


  • Premium, which includes Preventive Maintenance, Remote Monitoring, Damage Restoration Services, Management of Guarantees and Restoration Services of Damage caused by unforeseen events is provided by Kiefer at an additional cost.