Primary sector

kIEFER TEK LΤD undertakes the design and construction of livestock farms of every kind , as well as  units of production and processing of animal products.


Cattle farms

Our company provides its customers with all the types of prefabricated steel buildings suitable for cattle farming.

Depending on the main objective and the capacity of the plant (milk production, fattening, meat production) we study and construct in detail all the buildings, according to the hygiene provisions. 

The cattle farms are composed of lairage facilities, milking room, preparation room and feed storage and other auxiliary rooms. With the proper siting of the stables and the warehouses, and the correct layout of the interiors of the stables, we aim to facilitate the plant operation and reduce the human labor, increasing in this way the productivity.

Indicatively we place stable roof windows of rolling type, windproof nets and insulating cover materials - polyurethane panels, thus ensuring ideal conditions of well-being and a remarkable productivity of the animal population.


Cheese dairies

Our company constructs cheese dairies, undertaking both the construction of the building facilities and the supply and installation of all the required equipment.

We design cheese dairies which serve the needs of cheese making, yogurt making, cheese ripening, cooling and products maintenance. The units are equipped with machines that cover their needs at all the stages of cheese production.