Subsidized programs

Having successfully completed the study, licensing, installation, operation and management of important projects, we undertake responsibly:

The submission of applications for inclusion in all subsidized NSRF programs
The required engineering studies
The construction and implementation of investment plans
The management of investment projects

Thanks to our extensive experience in writing, submitting, evaluating and managing investment plans, we maximize your chances of joining the program and by undertaking the correct implementation of your investment plan, we ensure the savings of all the subsidy you are entitled to. Our specialized staff is by your side in all stages of the investment and supports you by providing complete solutions to achieve an excellent business result.

We undertake the implementation of investment plans throughout Greece.


The NSRF (Corporate Pact for the Development Framework) 2014 -2020 is the basic strategic plan for the development of the country utilizing resources from the European Structural and Investment Funds (GRNET) of the European Union.

Key objectives

Enhancing the competitiveness and extroversion of companies, transition to quality entrepreneurship with a focus on innovation and increasing domestic added value
Development and utilization of human resources skills - active social integration
Environmental protection - Transition to an environmentally friendly economy
Development - modernization - completion of infrastructure for economic and social development
Improving the institutional adequacy and efficiency of public administration and local government


"Upgrading very small & small existing companies by developing their capabilities in new markets"

The program is part of the Operational Program "Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship, Innovation (EPANEK)" of the NSRF 2014 - 2020 and aims to strengthen the existing micro and small enterprises operating in 8 strategic sectors of the country which are:

Agri-food / Food Industry
Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI)
Materials / Constructions
Supply chain
ICT Information and Communication Technologies


The total budget of the Action is 130,000,000 € and will be implemented in 2 cycles: 1st cycle 60% and 2nd cycle the remaining 40%. The budget of the 1st cycle amounts to 78,000,000 euros.

What is funded

Businesses are subsidized with an amount of € 15,000 to € 200,000. The funding covers 40% of the eligible costs and is increased by 10%, reaching 50% in the case of hiring new staff.

The subsidized budget may not exceed the turnover of 2015.

10% of the action budget will be allocated exclusively to new micro and small enterprises, while 90% will be allocated to existing micro and small enterprises.

Eligible Costs

Beneficiaries are subsidized for the following costs:

Buildings, facilities and surrounding area
Machinery - Equipment
Intangible expenses
Salary costs of employees (existing and / or new staff) up to € 24,000 as follows: € 12,000.00 per SME (existing and / or new) and up to two SMEs

Submit applications

Applications are submitted electronically from 7/4/2016 to 20/5/2016

"Strengthening tourism small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for their modernization and the quality upgrade of the provided services"

The main objective of this action is to strengthen the investment plans of existing micro, small and medium tourism enterprises of all sectors for the modernization of their infrastructure and operation, their quality upgrade and the enrichment, the upgrade and the certification of the offered products and services in order to improve their position in the domestic and international tourism market.


The total budget of the Action is € 70,000,000. € 50,000,000 relates to accommodation, of which € 10,000,000 will be allocated to new businesses and € 40,000,000 will be allocated to existing with at least two full twelve-month management years (2014 and 2015).

€ 20,000,000 will be allocated to other tourism companies, of which € 5,000,000 relate to new businesses and € 15,000,000 relate to existing ones with at least two full twelve-month management years (2014 and 2015).

What is funded

The subsidized budget of each investment project of a potential beneficiary of aid may not exceed the total Turnover of the year 2015 or the amount of one hundred and fifty thousand euros (150,000 €), if the turnover is greater than 150,000 € and can not be less than fifteen thousand euros (15,000 €).

Eligible Costs

Buildings, facilities and surrounding area
Machinery - Equipment